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Valeri Christina


Entrepreneur/Jewellery designer based in London (UK) valerichristina@hotmail.com

What a beautiful woman full of joy and always fashion. @goldenmacaron is wearing the orange cowrie necklace available on my website. Thank you for your pos
I love working with inspiring people. It gives me energy and above all inspiration. I love this total look of @krissraff who is wearing this denim dress wi
My favorite Italian fashionista @krissraff is wearing the silver antique necklace available in my collection with this trendy denim dress. I love the total
Paris Im coming ✨
Rdv le Samedi 10 Juin au 7 rue Godefroy Cavaignac 75011 Paris (métro Charonne). De 10h à 18h30, les pièces seront en édition limit
Last Saturday, I was participating to my first craft market in London. Ive never thought in my life that I will make jewellery and develop my brand. It wa
I wasnt confident enough and I didnt like myself. He broke my heart and left me with doubts and a low self esteem. He was the trigger of this new adventu
I will start creating Jewellery Sets for you and your loved ones✨

Stay Chic and Elegant, and remember to Walk with Confidence!

Inventory almost done. Im getting ready for my next event in Paris next month, the 10th of June. Tomorrow, Production mode. The adventure continues.