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Travel Alberta


The official account for Travel Alberta 🇨🇦. Tag us to be featured: @travelalberta #explorealberta #travelalberta

Its a good feeling to be lost in the right direction. Photo by @jonathanzoeteman | #explorealberta
How cute is this little red fox kit sitting outside its den? Photo by @joedesjardins.ca | #explorealberta
Leave it to the guy with the camera to hold everyone up while the light is good. Photo by @stevint | #explorealberta
One of the most famous hikes in Waterton. Check out our story on the views from Bears Hump. Photo by @goldiehawn_ | #explorealberta
Canola popping up throughout the province. Photo by @prairie_rubbish | #explorealberta
Find me in the city. Photo by @chaseshotit | #explorealberta
Every time I stand in front of it I try to imagine what it must feel like to be a first time visitor, pretty mesmerizing. Photo by @alexstrohl | #explore
Capturing all the right angles. Photo by @bigotesdelince | #explorealberta
Nothing but green as far as the eye can see. Photo by @_bozlo_ | #explorealberta
Stay amazed at the wonders around you. Photo by @scottcbakken | #explorealberta
Out of this world rock formations. Photo by @photojbartlett | #explorealberta
Thanks for the good times and amazing light show, until next year! Photo by @heyvian | #explorealberta