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it/that 😩


🌱 established dec. 28, 2016 🍂 ask questions via dm or comment 🌹 no f4fs or self promo 🥚pfp by my b @malteseslimes (she sux)

grape flavored snowcone 🍇
yes i know its purple but it looks black and i lost a black slime video iTs ok bEcAUse i hAve tHIS!1!1!1!1!
knife warning! 🔪
pure black butter 🥞
o no! one small part of the butter slime got under my fingernail!1!1!1 gotta blast because im going to get
outer space 🚀
you cant see it that much but there are glitter stars in this slime ;)) it sounds like putty too ooo also im sorry i only posted one
rainbow glitter 🌈✨
ah yes finally the post that was supposed to go up on sunday, but i forgot to post easter videos ;)) also, thank you for 2k!
midnight love 🌃💕
inspo by @slimeywisp ;))
repost because i posted vv crappy easter videos yesterday lol. i also changed my caption format! th