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Red Wing Shoe Co.


Official Instagram | Red Wing Heritage | Made in USA | Since 1905

Now available at select retailers in North America and Europe, the 9875 6-Inch Moc and 9866 Pecos feature 7 details that make these exactly as the original
In 1950, the Red Wing Shoe Co. created a boot designed specifically for sportsmen made with leather that was tanned with the bark of the sequoia tree, givi
The fresh canvas of a new pair of Copper Rough & Tough Weekender oxfords. 📷: @pironio @freemanstore #redwingheritage
Every craftsman relies on a select few trusted tools to best approach each task. #redwingheritage
This Mexican shoe shine stand recognizes quality Roughneck boots. Leather gets thirsty after a few hot days in the sun. #redwingheritage
If you happen to be in Texas and this is how you barbeque, it only makes sense to wear Pecos. #redwingheritage 📷: @marfameatco @rowdydugan
Classic Chukkas putting in work. #redwingheritage
Designed for the fields and forests of Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, these 877s feel right at home. #redwingheritage 📷: @bothrops1
The Weekender Oxford in Hawthorne Muleskinner leather is like a quiet, peaceful and contemplative place for your feet to spend a day. #redwingheritage
From the Iron Range to @eauxclaireswi. #redwingheritage
A man wears what will eventually be known as the Iron Ranger while working at William Bros. Boiler and Manufacturing Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota duri
When Charles Beckman founded Red Wing Shoe Co., merchants regularly traveled by train. Often, these ‘gentleman travelers’ would encounter muddy or snow