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Red Wing Berlin/Hamburg/Munich


Our stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich offer the biggest selection of the Red Wing Heritage line in Europe. Get sneak peeks into our archives.

The rain in Germany doesn´t stop! At least our feet are dry. Today, I put my beloved 8111 Iron Ranger to the test. It passed with flying colors. What is y
A true Collector’s Item has arrived! Previously only available in Japan the 9875 Moc Toe in the Golden Sequoia leather is now available in our stores in
Archives Monday: In 1950, the Red Wing Shoe Company created a boot designed specifically for sportsmen made with leather that was tanned with the bark of t
Give back to your boot! Our Red Wing boots can be a longtime companion for every step you take, if you treat them right. We have offer a big variety of car
Fan of the Blacksmith! Our Munich regular Tobias bought his 2959 Blacksmith in the beautiful Copper Rough & Tough 4 years ago. He definitely went through t
Archives Monday: Unboxing the 888 Irish Setter Sport Pac from 1964! The 53 year old catalogue describes it as ... a boot that will command attention wit
Just a slick Lineman! In case you missed it, we managed to get the exclusive black 2995 Lineman from Japan into the European Red Wing Shoe Stores. The boot
Too cool for school! Our friend and Berlin regular Niyaz is a true fan of our brand. He added the 8188 Pecos in the beige Hawthorne Muleskinner to his coll
Archives Monday: Today we present you the 8282, which was part of the 100-Year Anniversary Collection back in 2005, also known as the Centennial Collection
The Lineman 2995 has been successfully launched in Europe! Thank you everyone for stopping by, drinking all of our beers, and eating all of our food. You m
The Black Lineman 2995 has arrived and is now available in our stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and online: www.redwingberlin.com. For some inspiration w
Greetings from the @Selvedgerun ! Berlin Store Manager Mick and I stopped by the Red Wing Showroom and visited our friends at their booths. It is always a