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Thinks .

If people like you , they will treat you well . If they ignore you please understand it. 🔥

Video paling epic setakat ini . 🙊🙈. #ainkpberjalanlagi
I need a few month to make a come back .. pleasee speed recovery my face . 😭#prayforeva #myfacefullofdepresion #cepatsehat
My sleepy beauty 👱🏼‍♀️
My sleeping partner 👄

The person that no need any filter to cover up and no need any eyelash extension 😩 .

His plan is better than your plan . 🌬

#jerawattolonglahhilang 🤒
Semua brg naik, tp jgn risau ada satu ni turun 😱😱😱
Promosi pakej fotografi murah2 dari kakak eva sorg ni haa RM1750 utk 7 sahaja yang bertuah dua
Review video for 
Foundation : @blv.official 
Makeup by @lea_benyamins 
Video by @azryazmyphotography


Twinnies .
Goodnight . All i wish is all this just a nightmare . 🙏🏼
My girl 🍥❤️ #mukamamybesarpingan
Salam , since eva dah tak duduk shah alam n plan untuk continue study luar i would like to sell of my house yg dekat shah alam . Untuk sesiapa yang bermina