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❤️ILY KENDALL & JILL❤️ [💖]Kendall 3121 follower [🌴]Jill 4606 follower [🐳]Kendall answered dm 5x

Shes goals oml🔥💕Guys Im redoing the thing I so sorry COMMENT YOUR USER IF I SAID ILL GET U NOTICED ONLY 30MAX QUICK❤️😫💖going to delete th
LMAO😂😭All there reactions(kalani trying to ignore what Kendall said) (Kendall laughing at life) (Maddie reminding herself why they dont trust Kendal
If I said Ill try and get Kendall or Jill to follow you go comment ur user on that post rn!❤️
Ly Kendall (this is before I updated my Instagram thats why it looks different)
Contest time!💞
Im going to dm and post asking kendall and Jill to follow 3 people,who do the following:
1)Follow me @kendallalerts @mackz.fans &  @waff