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Hector Lopez


Brooklyn based photographer/ body painter/ artist. See more on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/Helozbodypaint email Helozartnphoto@gmail.com

Coffee Lovers 
A little coffee for your morning commute.

Body painting: @jessicameleon and Hector Heloz Lopez

Photography: Hector Lopez w/ assistance f
Mother of Dragons! A little body paint, a great wig by @pungopungo , and a touch of photoshop tied together with a great model @hooked_on_phoenixx for some
A look at the #redshehulk #bodypaint without the elaborate background modeled by @simone__elizabeth #marvelcomics #marvelpics #bodypainting #bodypaintartis
Behold the Savage Red She Hulk!  Definitely sitting among the top of my favorite cospaints that I have done. Modeled by @simone__elizabeth, one of my favor
Barbie Trauma. I had the idea for this concept a few years ago. Im glad I waited till I found the right Barbie with @w3irdo_supreme because she killed it.
Orange you glad I didnt paint Banana? 
Modeled by Sarah Pencheff  #bodypaint #bodypaintartist #bodypainter #bodyart #bodyartist #orangeyougladididntsayban
Did not realize the last video was flawed.  Cut off early.  I took another shot at it.  Enjoy. 2016 a year of art in review
Final piece in 2016. Getting back into original #characterdesigns #bodypainter #bodyart #bodyartist modeled by @gurlwithwings
Messing with #2pointperspective #illusion #bodypainter