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Connor Perkins


916»619 || future master of the universe. "If not you then who? If not now then when?" -ET

@mrgetchurite really getting us right✔️
@mrgetchurite working with @lamarr_waller1 and I. #jucoproduct #nooffseason
Sick day boarding with the homies 🤘🏼
phone call was fake, but the smile is real
we dem boyz 📸- @gizzellleee
was chased by a t rex in pt. 5
Pt. 4 included touring your girls dorm and getting fresh baked cookies
Pt. 3 was mad crazy
Pt. 2
Halloweekend pt. 1
these dudes didnt fight with me at cheesecake
taking my son to school🚗💨 📸- @orangemiah