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3 @MTV VMA nominations. Blessed to have true fans, yall keep me winning! we always put a lot into all our videos so thanks for the recognition. Throw the
LA! @pandora is throwing a free concert and Im headlining. All ages. #SoundslikeSummer Ticket info in bio.
I boss up like its no other choice, so blessed. Don @puma
If u got 1 fan then u lucky, so this is priceless. I cant take these blessings for granted ever. Its us forever! #Don 🎯
Chris Martin on them keys legendary boy ☄️
Honored to work wit @coldplay! Luv for letting me be apart of this, nothin but good energy on this one! 🙏🏾
the otha night. luv to @xxl n the whole freshman 10 class, that cover truly helped me out when I got started, wish nothing but the same 4 yall @madeintyo
I use to record music in @earllymac basement when I was 16, we been thru the type of shit that turned us into brothers! Still goin 🆙 DON
Youd be a mommas boy too if she believed in you when everyone else was sleep! U dont respect the women that got us here I cant fuck wit you, period. Mo
You gotta boss up to this level, you cant just start here 📶
This must be heaven 💫