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Swipe left for the Panorama! 😍 Teresitas was one of those places of which I just could not get enough of. The first time I went there I havent actually
A very well kept secret it is not, Playa del Duque was one of our favorite beaches. Situated next to a sandstone cliff with a lavish villa on top, it is ne
Teide National Park is just a completely different world. Its only about an hour drive up through spectacular winding roads, you get over the ridge, and B
🌴 Subtropical climate was what the Canaries were promising, which I am now contemplating sitting on snow patches in a high altitude desert landscape nex
I took this photo from the exact same spot as the white sand beach with the palm trees viewed from above, just looking 180Β° to the other side of the cliff
The arrival of any plane is a fun one, if watched from a close enough distance, which Tenerife South Airport supports just as well as Balis. And it is eve
Three of my favorites on one image: surfing, photography, flying. Largish waves backlit by the setting sun, breaking on the top surfspot in Southern Teneri
Probably the most well-known beach on the island, with a beautiful white sand coastline - which is actually fake. Because of the volcanic origins of the is
The Wall of Hell, vertical basalt cliffs reaching heights of 500 meters in some places. Known as Los Gigantes for tourists, it is quite a popular spot, as
Minimalism is not what you expect when you come to the Canaries, but that you can also find. The Auditorio de Tenerife at the heart of the capital city of
It is indeed Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. It is very different to both Hungary in the winter, that I got to experience once again after sev