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🇭🇺: A déli parton az egyik kedvencem a boglári Gömbkilátó, főleg naplemente után, amikor már felkapcsoltak a lámpái, de még színes az ég
🇺🇸: Three very different views of Tihany, the largest peninsula on Lake Balaton, Hungary. It is one of the prettiest places around, with an ancient a
#HelloHungary! I am back home now for a while, but that surely doesnt satiate my longing to discover the world. Sometimes the most beautiful things are ju
Can you spot the two hikers in their colorful outfits? Small, yes, I know. Or maybe the landscape too grand? This area was truly overwhelming at first, the
Gran Canaria is both so different from and so similar to Tenerife, that it was hard to compartmentalize it properly. But one feature surely was distinct fr
Crazy sunsets like this are rather rare on Tenerife, the clouds are usually at altitutes too low for the sun to shine under. But when its on, it really is
Not aparticularly popular, but surprisingly nice beach is Playa de Ajabo on the West-Southwest of Tenerife. It is already away from the hustle of Las Ameri
Freedom is such a hard to grasp feeling, especially without falling into clichés, like standing arms wide open under infinite blue skies. Yet it does feel
Yesterday it was snowing on Mauna Kea, Hawaii - and its already May. So the paralell between the Hawaiian islands and the Canaries still stands, as it was
Swipe left for the Panorama! 😍 Teresitas was one of those places of which I just could not get enough of. The first time I went there I havent actually
A very well kept secret it is not, Playa del Duque was one of our favorite beaches. Situated next to a sandstone cliff with a lavish villa on top, it is ne
Teide National Park is just a completely different world. Its only about an hour drive up through spectacular winding roads, you get over the ridge, and B