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Russia designer/illustrator 🐱side & tools account @ashiyadiary 📩ashiyam@yandex.ru Twitter, YouTube @ashiyaart 🚫PLEASE DO NOT REDRAW MY ART!

sometimes instagram trends are no joke and you want to participate at least somehow😂😂😂 (actually just wanted to draw a watermelon dress for a quit
Blackpink Jisoo painting process now is on my channel!🎬 (ashiyaart as everywhere, the link is here https://youtu.be/Vy6oxH2NHhs)💕 еще напоми
BLACKPINK Jisoo fan art, filmed, yay!🎬 (tools account @ashiyadiary 😸)
opera, bright rose and quinacridone scarlet are pure love for me💖 its glowing and makes me so happy!
you can get a step-by-step photos of making this artwork from scratch to final result (and other things as well) on my Patreon!😁 link is in my profile!
The video is on my channel! 🎬 (ashiyaart as everywhere, the link is here: https://youtu.be/kzETGQ9OAqc) Im talking about Shinhan PWC and painting the a
video with this work will be posted on Sunday 😀 (I still have to finish the editing tho😧) моих подписчиков из России от ме
Not a long time ago I got my package from @inspireme_crate and tried to draw with stuff inside. It contained flesh colored watercolor, dark yellow watercol
I love drawing my Byul because I can literally use all my lilac and purple colors, even the iridescent ones (so it shines af yeaaaah💜) btw Ive made a F
the last one from this part of story (yeah because you have to pay for your meal, right?😅🍲)
Ramen shop video is now on my Youtube channel (its ashiyaart as... everywhere I think😅)!🎬 Heres a link as well https://youtu.be/kkwPI5oBjgg
Here shes choosing what to eat🍲
Be the way there is someone who can tell what is the place I referenced to for this part of story?😅 its a REAL EXAC