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Russia designer/illustrator 🐱side & tools account @ashiyadiary 📩ashiyam@yandex.ru Twitter @ashiyaart 🚫PLEASE DO NOT REDRAW MY ART!

Danas part. done mostly with #ecoline liquid watercolors ohhh these bright colors💙💖
my commission for @luvlealuvlea its a portrait of her and her cutie bird🐦💕
heeeere it is! If you don’t check my stories heres the point - it was kind of a challenge, because I did it without any pre-sketch (or how you call this
For you guys who still keep asking about tools I use: I have a side account @ashiyadiary where I talk about these things and update my new stuff! (I think
New video is live!💕 Im showing you my old watercolor art from 2010-2014 years. The link to the full video is in my profile, as always😸🎬
some sunlight
commission done for @nikkimaaa💜 its Dean yep
its April 22 but its so cold here so I only dream about a good warm blanket scarf. and yeah, long time no Maya sketches and here we have my girl!😙
yep there will be a video with this! (but Im not sure how long it will take to edit, there is A LOT of footage😱)
yey for more super awkward videos😳 yep. all about art supplies I use! I dont know what to say so just... yeah the link to the full video is in my profi
commission I did for @papermoth💜💜 its FFXIV character of her, she is so cute ohmy😱 her details were  hard but really fun to draw! and its shinin