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Deleting this account, Follow my personal account below ⬇️

Hey everyone ive decided to delete this page as i can no longer run it. If you want to see more art you can follow my new personal page @taysartlife ❤️
What better way to have a morning coffee, than in a tin of soup. ☕️🍵🌞Warhol would approve #andywarhol #campbells #coffee #morning -
#art #artwork
Spotted this Yellow Brick Road outside the Van Gogh Museum, Made Especially for Pride 🌈🏳️‍🌈🚦👠 #pride #amsterdam #lgbt #gay - -
#art #art
Came across this beautiful sand art done by monks in the wellcome collection - Watch how this amazing intricate sand art is done, link in Bio 🎨🖼🌸