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I know my last post was hard to read or imagine; trust me when I say it was hard to write. Even for an open book, it was hard to share. It was a part of Be
In this community, we push ourselves to get in the frame and prove you were there too. This picture was taken two hours before Ben was dead. What would t
During the 1st half of Bens second tour, things seemed different, but in a good way. He planned a lot on the future, we stayed in pretty regular communica
These posts are getting harder as I draw nearer to the pinnacle of the story. I know how it ends and I know I cant change the story. Part of the carnage o
Ben continued his tour, and came home safe, physically. Actually, one of my ultimate favorite memories of him is his arrival home from his first tour. We w
One of Bens jobs on his first tour was a gunner patrol. This meant he would be on the top of a humvee, in a somewhat exposed position to allow a clean sho
When Ben joined the army, he was put into an elite group - the 101st Airbourne. He had some amazing friends and came up with some shenanigans that were epi
Happy Memorial Day weekend- thank you to all who are following along with my brothers story. Im glad that it connected with some of you, and to those who
Hi friends. This weekend Im going to take a complete departure from my usual posts. No cute babies or scrumptious light. Some of you will scroll on, some