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Day 20 #effectivehandstands I was not able to find my core today while I was practicing on the grass 🍃🍃 for very long time. Went back to get some hel
Один из вариантов последовательности Чандра Намаскар или Приветствие Луны. Очень
Breath is the King of Mind. B.K.S. Iyengar.
Indeed thats why we ended our week with a beautiful Pranayama practice. This is our white board this morning
Acro Yoga, ich liebe dich! 🙏🏼 Das war der beste Start für dieses aufregende Wochenende. Ich packe nun die letzten Sachen zusammen und hoffe, dass ic
Pincha Mayurasana.
Una de las muchas cosas buenas que tiene ser profesor de yoga es que te brinda la oportunidad de conocer a un buen número de personas d
I was tagged by the fabulous @vythathin 😘💗😘 to #stopdropyoga while ago and my plan today is to catch up on some tags because they are starting to
This was pretty awesome!  Mountain living!

Manifest cool stuff 
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Ja gjorde supporteryoga två ggr o de vann båda gångerna😀!! Grattis hv till SM guldet!! 😄😄💙💛 Nu fortsätter kvällen med
Day 12 of #hamstringasanas And I am a little late but oh well!! It isnt the best quality but I love the view of the trees from my apartment balcony. So yo
Nice relaxing start to the long weekend 😊🌳👣🌼🌞 #yoga #outdooryoga #yogainspiration
{yoga everywhere} io che faccio yoga anche sul sup perché ho pensato bene che fare due attività sportive in contemporanea e meglio 😎#sup #standuppadd
This little nugget talked me into a dance class this evening 😂 Which is funny because Im such a white girl with all the nerd appeal. I have zero swag
We are absolutely loving Sunstone right now! 🌞Its a stone especially useful for the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and being connected to the light a
In the end you wont be asked, what did you do to be known? You will be asked: Did you know it, this place, this journey?
Happy Saturday!!
Planning to squash those pinkies into some taxi shoes tonight? 👠 All the more reason to give them a bit of love! This DOES feel a bit creepy at first, b
Yoga is a way of life, not a way of posing. It requires the totality of your being, the masterful crafting of your thoughts, words, actions, diet, and post
I cried after posting this. Was bummed I wasnt able to get to a class this morning because I was teaching, so came home for a run and some home yoga. Such
Our favorite retro yoga pants are now available in a beautiful black bottom color combo! 😍 These adorable vintage pants feature a 1980s style ribbed co