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Dont know if Ive mentioned @barberha on my Instagram yet. Just going to leave this here for just in case yall dont know about @barberha. #yeg #barbersh
Way to go #oilers another win against the #anaheim #ducks. #gooilersgo !!!
On a side note #loving this look on #delivery. Dont believe me? Call day and ni
Last photo of the night! And alas, home tweet home- quite literally! We recently got a whole bunch of brand new baby chicks! Theyre so adorable, and tiny,
Thanks to @kyla_theredhead for taking these great snooze fest pics of adoptable kitties, Pinky and Jamie @cat_cafe_on_whyte!  Drop by the Cafe to meet thes
Its a new day, its a new life for me and Im feeling good #yeg #blessed  #chileno #goodnight #buenasnoches #changes #goodlooking
Welcome a new cat cafe to IG #Repost @safeteamrescue with @repostapp
#Repost @cat_cafe_on_whyte with @repostapp
Hello from @cat_cafe_on
#Repost @cat_cafe_on_whyte with @repostapp
Hello from @cat_cafe_on_whyte Ambassadors, Bonded Buddies Zeke and Zsa Zsa, and Halo and Violet!  Drop
this is a metaphor for my life right now and not meant as a slag to any of you about to embark on marriage and babies. #beentheredonethat. I am #grateful a
Taxi? No thank you #ab #canmore #yyc#yeg #bombsquad #themountains
Adoptable kitty, Halo, is one of our new Ambassadors @cat_cafe_on_whyte (10111 82 Avenue, Edmonton)! She loves meeting new people and receiving lots and lo
Adoptable kitty, Violet, is one of our new Ambassadors @cat_cafe_on_whyte (10111 82 Avenue, Edmonton)! She is a smartie pants who loves to play games and m
Adoptable kitty, Zsa Zsa, is one of our new Ambassadors @cat_cafe_on_whyte (10111 82 Avenue, Edmonton)! She is a sweet and gentle kitty who enjoys receivin
Adoptable kitty, Aries (bonded with Barney), LOVES to play fetch!  Here he demonstrates his skills while his pals, Jax and Shiva, supervise!  Drop by our s
Adoptable kitties and sisters, Bell and Blush, are new recruits.  Bell is a very friendly kitty who loves to receive pets!  Blush is very shy and is still
Adoptable kitty, Jordan, is a gentle 1 year old sweetheart.  He loves to snooze away in a sunny spot.  He also enjoys receiving neck scratches.  He does we
Hi Everyone!  Rocket here!  I am hanging out at our shelter waiting for my forever family to drop by!  I am a friendly kitty who enjoys receiving pets and
Hi Everyone!  Its me, Eclipse!  I LOVE meeting new friends and giving shoulder hugs.  I am 10 months old and do well with other kitties and would love to
Its the best friends that hurt you the most
 #Yeg #dontmesswithmyman #DontMessWithMe
And Cam Talbot πŸ‘‘ Wins Game 2!