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so it goes, happy birthday to me •
🕯 even the last candle awaits impatiently my last breath
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I yearn
Do you know when you have fully put your trust in Allah?
It is when you see what you wanted so badly for yourself to be given to someone else and you
Its official. Im a #campnanowrimo winner! Completed my goal in 28 days. Tomorrow, the quest for a #victory cupcake begins. #fiction #writer #amwriting #w
I would rather choose being the best part of your world, instead of being your world.
All of Us Women
All of me
You get all of me
How dare you:
Commanding I show you only parts of my soul?
What trave
My latest poetry E-chapbook, FLAT WORLD MADNESS is out now! Cover art by Iam May!


Buy it at this link:
Cross your heart ☺... -me$hal- ✒: @smili_smile
📷: @eastlyn_

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Im part of a poetry group called Thoughts Into Ink and while Ive written so many poems while with them, Ive NEVER written on my actual take of the nam