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Hey all, my new blog post is up and published! 👙🕶️☕ Find it here: https://wanderingclaire.wordpress.com/2017/04/29/bali-part-3-the-dark-knight-ri
Een oude boiler van de douches van een steenkoolmijn, helaas is de sloop begonnen van het statige gebouw.
@rupikaur_ and her beautiful poems make me appreciate these grey Saturdays ☁️
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Saturday afternoon in botanical gardens 👌🏽
Look in those beautiful eyes. The innocent eyes wants to tell you the truth. The truth is that whatever the news you get from the mainstream news media are
Lets walk along the beach and leave our footprints in the sand.
So today we took a helicopter onto Franz Josef Glacier and went on a glacier hike! if it was not already amazing enough there was a waterfall and of course
When the architecture from what Ive  learned from art history came to life. *Rubbing my eyes*👀
If there is heaven on Earth -Its here, Its Here,Its Here.....Kashmir
There are no Ordinary moments. From the moment we step our feet on the ground in the morning, everything that appears before us is a gift. We didnt have t
Gli oggetti hanno unanima nascosta...Quando ne osservi lo senti. Se lo avvicini, riesci ad immaginare le mani di chi lo ha creato, le storie di chi lo ha
Addicted to adventures 🇦🇺🌎
Have you visited Hanoi, Vietnam? This photo was taken at Cầu Thê Húc, or Lake Huc Bridge. Isnt it pretty 💕