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FRIYAY LAUNCH DAY ✨ The day is finally here! Check out our new website [link in our bio] and the abundance of services we can bring to you and your busin
My friend @bridgidgallaghers debut novel LOVE AT FIRST INK is now available!! I read an earlier version of this over the winter and holy swoon. I read it
doing literary agent researh. I think on May 1st, after 4 years of wormkng on it, I am going go let my book baby out into the world. #writersofinstagram #w
These roses (?) are a treat every May, though theyre early this year. I posted an almost identical photo of them last year and I cant help but think that
❤️🌌Magical Spot... 🌌❤️
🌌 Our spot which had been through all our sweet bitter moments.... That place gave all the space we wanted... Eve
Last night he inhaled,
a poetry of pain
Morning he felt those words Inside on him
Noon he started playing 
according to the written poetry 
I do this for every #WIP. What are your #prewriting activities?⠀
Mirakee for iOS had been launched recently and its stealing hearts all over the world. Install Mirakee on your iPhones and be a part of this amazing commu
Hey! B Here I Hope This Finds Everyone. Its Been A Year Since I Created This Account With Help Of Some Very Good Mentors I still am working as an only admi