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Vía @alexandralapp_ .Stylish on Thursday! 😎.
-Todavía no hay nada seguro- repetí.
-Pero te lo han recogido en persona, y han accedido a hablar di
•You know whos going to inherit the Earth? Arms dealers. Because everyone else
Tutta leducazione della rivoluzione
#revolution #bank #cattivissime #parolacce #slang #educazione #education #writers #scritte
Home is where the heart is but this heart has never known home
Made a glorious spelling mistake in my magnetic poem tonight (too colossal to post the photo). I might not get home from work til after midnight so heres
Choose to be happy now while actively pursuing your dreams ✨#writer #happylife #dreambig
This one is not for the man wholl have me in his future but for the man who has me in his present and will always💞
Dedicated to my Dad❤❤❤
I d
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