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Its strange how few people have been to Naoshima Island, considering getting there is so simple — all you have to do is take a bus to a train to another
The Arch of Triumph in Piazza Repubblica,which marks the center of the city since the Roman times #arcone #piazzarepubblica #archoftriumph #italy #florence
Its been a slice Japan 🍕 . Im going to miss your politeness, quirkiness, and most importantly, takoyaki-balls. Stay tuned for my photos ✌️
Strolling around Mortmartre, and having a Petit Dejeuner there is sucha ritual itinerary.
📍Monmartre, 🇫🇷
I hadnt quite finished with the Italian pictures... This is a gorgeous little artists corner we stumbled into in the Navigli district in Milan
Calm before the storm #toronto #onstorm #downtownliving
Milano 🗺✈️ #tbt  #skyscannerYoQuieroViajar a Beijin #skyscannerespañol
We arrived in the Netherlands today just in time to celebrate Kings Day in Haarlem! 🇳🇱👑