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唯有細膩 才懂得堅持

Never really done video before. So here it goes! Sri Lanka, thank you for welcoming us! You were awesome! #Highlights #SriLanka || @charlotte_dowling @emma
사진찍으면 다 한폭의 그림같은 #벤쿠버 😍❤.
정말 이렇게 이뻐두 되는거야??.
필터하나 하지않아도 이런 사진이 나
My best friend since the 6th grade is getting MARRIED next week. what. is. life?!!!! So crazy and so exciting!!! Counting down the days! 😬💓🎉💍
Gorgeous photo by @orukayak ... their kayaks fold up and are easily transportable. If I had a nickel for every time I didnt go kayaking because I didnt w
With my crazy brother Kevin on our walks around Venice😍Italy🇮🇹
#teextraño ☀️
きたきたーっ 🐚✨
翡翠のブレスは @ko_ryu_gemst
Tomorrow Im running away, dropping off the radar for awhile. ⛽ 🎒 🏃🚗🌏 #travel #wonderer #stressed #wonderlust #traveler #bagsarepacked #bugou
Riding in style.
Lovely breakfast with this amazing view 😍
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I cant change the direction of the wind, but I can a
Have to hike 20 mins to the castle 
#peasants #life
เป็นไพร่ก็ต้องเดินเท้าไปนะคะ 😂
Ещё один прекрасный день в Ки Весте😍⛴ Обед в мексиканском ресторане, потом на яхте