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β€’ After having a video conference call in sweats and crazy hair, I decided to actually get dressed today 😳 working from home = sweats ALL.THE.TIME!  G
Who couldnt love these shoes?! Michael Kors is the way to go!!...did you notice those gold details tho?! Size 8.5 & $44.99 πŸ–€βšœοΈ
One silk cocoon produces an average of 600 to 900 meters of silk filaments, but it takes four to eight pieces to make one strand of silk thread.  In all, i
A wild grizzly sighted in Munich City (Finally got that right edit tho haha)
This look is on the blog πŸ‘‰{link in bio} πŸ’— #look #lookbook #lookoftheday #mylook #instalook
Love my new @sweetiepips earrings, I was lucky enough to be Katriens 2000th sale on Etsy so I got to choose a pair for free - I chose pink! Thanks so much
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In love with this new dress ✨
There will probably never come a time when were too old to dress alike (shout out to our dad for giving us a love for denim on denim) πŸ™ŒπŸ» Our chokers
Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood! 🐝🌻🌾🏘🌀 #acityexplored { πŸ“·: @angelafortinstudio }
Interior goals β˜οΈπŸ˜πŸ’— Tag us to get featured @casualfancy πŸ’• {πŸ“Έ Tumblr }β €β €
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Oh, my Vixens, how I miss thee! I promise Ill be back on my saddle soon! If youre curious as to where Ive been, my excuse is that Im in need of a new l
People who love you for who you are rather than what you can do for them are the best kind of people ❀❀❀
The aztec print on these sandals is the perfect eye catching addition for your boho look!
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