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Masak di gunung itu menantang dan menyenangkan... Foto : tim pendakian

#tropicalwilderness #getoutside #gooutside #mountain #kandangbadak #gunungindonesia
The twin drops of Forked Falls overlook the outflow of Bench Creek into Reed Brook. Running off both sides of a jutting esker, the sisters cannot be photog
Utah Day 1: Bryce Canyon. Exceeding expectations
Arriving at night in the fog I had no idea what I was missing. My first glimpse of Shenandoah in the daytime. Me likey. #shenandoahnationalpark #shenandoah
I think its safe to say we are ready for night rides. Love my 9 @xpriteusa LEDs, definietly the best bang for your buck.  _______________________________
Theres always a chill that takes over me whenever I look into the eyes of a wild animal. #safari #photography #wildernessphotography #wildlifephotography
You need to be lucky to find sufficient cover to ski out to the North Buffalo Plateau and Mt McLeod these days. This shot is from quite a few years ago, bu
Southern Yellow billed hornbill, personally my favorite bird!! #photography #southafrica #wildlifephotography #wildernessphotography #big5 #bush #birding #
Were always showing you epic videos and pictures of our time on the Dempster Highway in warmer seasons... about time we showed you how epic it is in the c
Be governed by your internal compass, not by some clock on the wall.---Stephen Covey
Caught between two worlds
Sundown on the coast