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Know Thyself.
The Silver Twigs Pentacle, or the union of the four classical Elements with Mankind through the fifth and top point, ornamente
Sugilite is great for balancing compulsive behaviours such as out-of-control spending, gambling or partying, and assists in bringing you back to living as
About to start work on some pieces for your inner dark witch, stay tuned 💀🎃👻
La primera semilla para la abundancia es el agradecimiento..
#caldero #cauldron #ofrendaaladiosa #ofrenda#diosa #godess #pagan #paganos #wicca #wiccanos
Venez découvrir mon nouvel article sur la culture païenne, la Déesse Mère et le Dieu Cornu. #pagan #païenne #wicca #Gaia #sabbat #fêtesPaïennes #pag
{Not my artwork}

Cut off my wings and come lock me up
Just pull the plug yeah, Ive had enough
Tear me to pieces, sell me for parts
Youre all vampires so
Good morning angels 😘 message for us all today take some time to breath you have been rushing around and trying to take on to much. The angels are givin
Moon Goddess )O(
#wicca #witchcraft #goddess #moongoddess #selfmade #painting
#30photosinbetween #AprilInstagramChallenge Day 26 - Omg Shoes and heres mine, handmade by @millyjshoes and my treasured babies. Witchy, Candle, And Cryst
Y cuando la noche sea oscura recuerda la presencia de aquella que en la oscuridad reina... Quien porta la llaves del inframundo, lleva la llama que nos ilu
Meditando riesco a percepire positivamente linizio di ogni nuovo giorno, restando costantemente conessa con le varie energie benefiche
Después de una mañana súper mega ajetreada visita a la familia 🏡 PD: Los cascos de mi hermano me quedan enormes pero toca una de RE7 en el pc 🎮
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