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In a city that is full of art, culture and good coffee, staying at The Blackman by the @artserieshotelgroup in St. Kilda was Melbourne wrapped up in one sp
An unforgettable evening @glaciernps
Yep, Italy is just gorgeous.
Still hanging with the messy hair in boys clothes
every flight begins with a fall
Upon this rock.... I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it... 🏛 
Los Angeles City Hall
my dude
Had to crop his ugly face out 🦄 📸: @a_nelson_design #AngelsRest
Nice evening to hang out.
•T•O•K•Y•O•  季節篇 《 Spring 》 - 遅咲きの桜 -
late cherry-blossoms
Prunus lannesiana cv. Kouka
urban blindness 
Stare down. #photooftheday Day117
Sometimes its hard....
Sometimes its harder than it needs to be, we might think.
But, if it was all smooth sailing would it all be worth it.
If there w
schools been crazy but Im still alive !
Before you pray: BELIEVE
Before you speak: LISTEN
Before you spend: EARN
Before you write: THINK
Before you quit: TRY
Before you die: LIVE
Thank God its F
Cambodia. Once the seat of the glorious Khmer Empire dominating all of SouthEast Asia, Cambodia today faces overwhelming poverty and low living standards.