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Just another day on the job! Network marketing has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people. The encouragement that I have received and get to
I love adding new people to my team! Yall make it so much fun! I work hard to make sure my team reaches the bonuses and gets what they need! I have 1 more
Because I can work from home, I can pick up my kids for ALL their appointments, take them to all their practices...basically anything I need or want to do
L A Y E R E D // This is 2 coats Blu Red (my holy grail) + one of Pink Champagne (my everyday neutral)
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Today calls for sidewalk chalk and a Frosty! 🌞

SO good!! 😍
#chocolate #banana #superfoods #floridalife #floridakids #sahm #wahm #mom
When your camping and its too cold to sleep on your own. 
She opened one eye and saw mummy then the other and saw daddy.  She then just laid there smiling
Mothers Day is coming May 14th! Get mom or nana a gift that she will cherish a lifetime! ❀️{ shop link in bio} Who needs a little ✨sparkle✨ in your
Remember this time last week when Unicorn Frappuccinos were all the rage. @lularoedanielleslager @lularoe
So on Tuesday I spent some time in Chicago at our US Tour!  Rubbed elbowed with some HO folks.  Meet some new people.  AND, got recognized for top sales an
Check out the NEW VIDEO (link in bio) and the entire playlist for a glimpse into the homeschooling styles of several incredible homeschooling mamas! @rache
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β˜„πŸ’œDay 26/30 - Hammer & ChiselπŸ’œβ˜„ Today was a ROUGH workout for all of us!! Nick, Andria, Haruna, and I did Chisel Agility which is all cardio mixe
Anyone else need a Friday pick me up? How about a Cup of Joe leggings? #funleggingsfriday
Todays SOTD is this scrumptious strawberry salsa. I need to be honest here and say this picture almost didnt happen because I wanted to eat it ALL! I don
Pattern mixing with my girls #lularoeirma and #lularoemadison on this beautiful sunny day! My VIP shop opens for my weekly album pop-up at 6pm PST tonight
Im very thankful for this handsome fella for coming down to the #maricopahomeshow with me today to help out, bring me food and maybe sneak me some beer πŸ
The Flawless Four is going to be NO MORE in just a few more days!!! Grab yours from my LINK in BIO or message me!!!
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What a beautiful day it is today!!! Nothing says welcome spring like a Carly dress and a Perfect  Tee. You guys they are lots of ways to wear your lularoe
A bit of #snugly #baby goodness for you all!  I always loved making these #hats