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girls just wanna have fun(ding for their research.) // super grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by amazing researchers in a beautiful city for a
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If I could tell you only one thing,
my message would be this,
the world would be a lonely place,
If you did not exist.

Good morning!!! #amateurp
F**tez moi la paix avec vos vidéos sur les méfaits du coca cola 
Et que je tenvoie une vidéo par ci, et que je tenvoie une vidéo par là
Ohhh, déten
Como esconder​ su Amor por su destinatario. Imposible. 
No puede negarse a sí mismo.
There are three sea turtles in the Giant Ocean Tank, two loggerheads (like this one) and one green sea turtle.

#VisitorPicture by 📷: @carps98 #regram #
Cae el sol en Melian
ck day 🎈
#nayyirahwaheed is another one of my favorite writers || Always, I would watch Ray; I was in the air around him, I was in the cold winter mornings he spen