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Wildflowers blooming in the desert
Portland has had 145 days of rain since Oct. 1. Looks like all the flowers are very happy about all that rain. Looking forward to some sunshine soon! 
Throwback to last Fridays sunset hike around the Spada lake to little ponds, in a way it feels so good to be back at collage again, I get to learn, to feel
🎶Hail, hail for the good times
Cuz rock has got the right of way
We aint no legend, aint no cause
Were just living for today🎶
AC/DC (For Those Abo
It rains every day, but at least there are tulips.
It was a good day 
#canon #teamcanon
Theres a lot that is good in your life — dont take it for granted. Dont get so focused on the struggles that you miss the gift of today. â€
This the kind of A+ scenery that makes my day 🌸☀️
And more!
Spring means even gray days have color 🌷 #skagitvalley #roozengarde #washington
I heard great news today. The Cascade Lakes Hwy is opening May 23. Thats the same time as last year. Just be prepared. There will still be a lot more snow
Who wants to swap secret spots...
Coastal 🌊
Yay tulips!