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Its crazy how BIG of an impact baby steps can have on my excitement level!😝🔧
We didnt take the best before pictures, but we bought the van with a
Fresh air blowing through a clean bus sure feels good!i
Taking the van out for a spin yesterday. She runs great just needs a bit off tlc.
Un amor real, siempre tan natural, lleno de libertad, lleno de dar, eres tú quien sabe bien lo que es amar... Eduardo y Sandra ❤

A bit more progress! Weve ripped out all the old ply and cleaned the van up so its lovely and shiny ready to be insulated. Hope to get the floor down thi
My barometer, clock and marine levelometer (it keeps me mellow and level) and two old wooden folding chairs hung on solid brass rods. Oh, and my brass lion
After being on the road for almost two years, driving over 50.000 kms and finding camp spots for over 500 nights, its time for a little shoutout to the a
Hightop Hazel 🦄✨ Shes a magical little mix of funky and fantastic. 💫
Sometimes i find some time to work on the little dream! Will be perfect🚐
#homeiswhereyouparkit #van #vanlife #citroenjumpy #vanlifeideas #therollinghome
A girls gotta have an altar on her dashboard, right? #vanlifers #vanlifediaries
Back door views in the Mojave Desert.
Living space is tight but we really value the table and bench step up for storage, work and sharing meals together
We thought wed escape the snow for a while and head to the warm desert. Instead its been snowing in Indian Creek, so heres a photo of nice pillowy snow
Carrizo Plains - another quiet place in busy California. Located between San Francisco and LA
2014 ~ Gorges de la Jonte, France. Looking forward to touch the real rock again! Ive had enough of pulling plastics indoors.. •
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