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Mondays are the most important days to #getonyourmat! It sets the tone for the whole week.
April 26, 2017 New Moon🌚 ✨Even though it is not possible to always feel these things, this New Moon will light the path ahead for you and allow you to
partner in white crime 🖤 shukraan bessef for all the adventures @yogawithieva i will miss you lady
Real talk for Monday 🐾✈️
For what its worth, its never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life that youre proud of, and if you find that youre not, I hop
“You live with some people a whole lifetime, you forget it all except a single moment stick in your memory. On the other hand, you live with others just
Monday Morning Vibes ✨🌎 Finally feeling myself again after a week with the flu. Taking things slow but was missing my headstands. Enjoy the beautiful
Buenos días from our home here at @gitanadelmarbeachresort ☀️🌏💚 join us this summer for your Colombian adventures! 
We have 3 ROOMS remaining fo
#Repost @neha.jayarajan
A rickshaw wala once framed me and today I framed him. . . 
Pc @apoorvajayarajan 
Poshpants sponsors @chimpwear
Doing all sorts of #backbends while were over here on vacay 
🎶 Jamaica Bahama come on pretty mamma 🎶 
If you are lookin for an easy way to p
Yoga EVERYWHERE 😜 #omthego #wynwoodwalls #travelyoga
Mario on Tour für den Aerial Yoga Kurs 
#aerial #Yoga #yogaamberg #yogaingraz #graz #travelyoga #travel #aerialyoga #uhrturm
Доброго дня, Дорогие Путешественники!☕ ⛰На Эвересте ожидаются пробки из-за рекордн
I am actually in love with Nepal! 🇳🇵
Escape from your routine and visit #udawalawenationalpark with @w15_escape_ahangama ! .
#w15escape #ahangama #safari #peacock #srilanka #wildlife
No filter needed for these kind of days with such an amazing sunset the earth is able to offer us. Like a gift. To remind us that the beauty lies in the si
Just as Iyengar said, true concentration is an unbroken thread of awareness...focus all your energies & awareness of surrounding to the one point, steer
#trekking #nepal #himalayas
Made it to Lukla for some trekking today! #lukla #trekking #nepaltravel
Nice day trekking!👌🙋✈️ #phakding #dancerpose #travelyoga
Explore new ways of being in your body in our new Rock Climbing Gym. Tap into your inner strength and creativity. #hariharalaya
Nature Lovers Montenegro.

Who Are They?
Organizing tours throughout undiscovered areas of Montenegro and abroad. Hiking, Kayaking, Rafting, Canoe
So that weekend was pretty much perfect 👌👌 feeling all the post holiday optimism that someone can feel. Im trying to bring my peace/zen/easy feeling