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The Cranberries • Dreaming My Dreams🎶🐝
Cowrock #blackandwhite #blackart
To fling my arms wide
In some place of the sun,
To whirl and to dance
Till the white day is done.

Then rest at cool evening
Beneath a tall tree
While nigh
Who wants to play with baby turtles? @luisrcabrera
We boys looking all dapper and flaunting our Gho. 
Special thanks to Lambuji for making sure we enjoyed ourselves the most and take back some of the best m
Was taking some pictures at the Bai Orchid butterfly farm near Chiang Mai. Im really bad ad this, but i dont know the name of this flower. Maybe you can he
Con il rock-cut cellars tour abbiamo scoperto una #norimberga sotteranea impressionante. Un complesso sistema di celle e corridoi che, nel corso dei secoli
Perfect place to start your vacation 🌴 📸 by @anguillabeaches 👈👈
Excellent spot for sundowners in Foz do Douro - Praia de Luz beach bar. ☀️🍷🍻🍹🌅🇵🇹#theoffbeatbrunette #europe #portugal #porto #oporto
Meditation is never the control of the body. There is no actual division between the organism and the mind. The brain, the nervous system and the thing we
Next up... Georgia. I got the privilege of seeing a glimpse of this super awesome country last summer. 
Georgia is in a very interesting geographical posit
I needed to escape the heat, trekking through Yukon, Canada
Cheers to the weekend and its vast unexplored #roadtrips.
Surrounded by good energy 🙌
---------------------------------------------------- 📍Kamniska Bistrica - Slovenia
Pic by: @kristinaskerjanec
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