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Ini adalah gerbang utama candi sukuh. banyak orang yang menyebut Candi Sukuh sebagai candi kontroversial. Bentuk dan ornamen yang terpampang pada patung da
For an amazing view over Naples and Vesuvius you really need to go all the way up to Castel SantElmo. This shot was taken at the foot of the castle and we
Now thats what I carry in my travel bag.
#travelcamerabag #weddingphotographer #camerabag #travelphotographer #Signature13
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Photo by @corrine_t Follow @Travellers_Hotspot for more!
Hour 11/24. I am nearly halfway there!
For those of you that dont know, my chillass professor and fourteen dopeass classmates are on a weekend trip to t
Home is where the heart is. Do you agree?
Hard to tell there are thousands of tourists swarming behind me.  I can only imagine how incredible this view would have been when Angkor Wat was new.
Loving the lights at Chinatown Bangkok 💥🇹🇭💥🇹🇭
The cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, Tears or the Sea.
Isak Dinesen
Big congratulations to @adamrobinsondesign for his feature on @bhgaus This one from our shoot featured in the mag. Install by @gardensociety design @adamro
Truly fascinating watching the master work. My article has been published on @thekindcraft website - feel free to read about the Shinemon Kiln experience.