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Hello from the other side 👋🏼 Guys, this morning when my alarm went off, I actually got up! I didnt press snooze, I didnt make a master game plan in
Where do you wish you were today? Or are you somewhere to give us wanderlust? ・・・
Photo credit @jetset_jen in her favourite destination, the Maldives
We were invited to Grandma Yus for lunch. She got married at 16, had 6 children and is over 80 years old.  She left the mountain once in her life about 4
Have you ever heard about this place?
New shoes, new bag and ready for the world.........but remember this grammers A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement 🙌
Hội An 🌺
A veces lo mejor que puedes hacer por alguien es un: no te preocupes, no tengo malas intenciones, sólo quiero que esa sonrisa que ahora es breve, no se b
Let us build bridges, not walls ❤️ #bridgesnotwalls
Taipei metro station. Dont be a back-pack cheek squisher! 🔸😂🔸
Sabat itu bukan Jaim bareng, Tapi Main bareng ☺☺😊 ..
Terima kasih Sahabat....
📷 Credit by @miftah_said
🔎 Lo
“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Welcome to Mt. Province 👍