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[ Door Tuscany ]
For the Sarahs!  Enjoy! #SarahsquaredtakesEurope
And then all of the sudden- bam 💥 you got this geyser blowing up right into the air 😊
Tbt to 2006 ,Traveling Always makes u better person its me almost 10 years ago ______________________________ سفر هميشه باعث ميشه انسا
Happy birthday to this beauty. My wonderful wife and partner in life 🎉
The iconic Pepsi sign, a NYC landmark, stands along the East River waterfront in Long Island City, Queens.🍃
On the blog today:  PRADA MARFA.⠀⠀
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What a day... In a January from a fantasy, we crept onto the ice of Lake Michigan and stared out at the turbulent waves. Ive yet to go to Antarctica, but
Unintentionally smuggled my drone into  Nicaragua last week. Heres a little compilation from Magnific Rock. Let me know what you think.
Those things are everywhere in the park!
Day 17. My photos feel a bit all over the place, but this is me for now. Just documenting a change in my life whilst everything is making me stop because i
Reyn or shine, best brunch patio 😻
These Monday Blues tease the Ex-USS Kittiwake — a former submarine rescue vessel that served in the US Navy from 1945 to 1994. In 2011, she was scuttled