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new brand, new post, new app, new climate blogs. Life = woooooooosh.
I asked everyone a few weeks ago if you guys would be interested in reading a First Timers Guide to Las Vegas and the overwhelming response was yes! So he
Wherever you are, be all there -Jim Elliot 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼these days Im trying to make a strong effort to slow down. My busy life is fast paced a
Chase those moments that make you giggle like that ❤️|| It was a beautiful day, exploring parts of Istanbul I had never been. I was with genuine and k
Ele é simplesmente magnífico, exuberante, maravilhoso, tantos detalhes...é muito mais LINDO e PERFEITO do que eu imaginava! Omg!! Com certeza foi outro
I spy with my little eye 🕵🏻‍♀️
So last week I made the move from Australia to Canada.. Its cold, but oh its bloody beautiful! 🗻 
Stalking huggable, adorable animals 😍😍 ****************************************
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What are your favorite devotionals? Im always on the lookout - share your top picks in the comments!
Todays Jesus Calling devotional fell right in line
Red Velvet time with some of @eattravelblessed s squads .Thank you @unionjkt 😘😘😘
📷 : @lanyirwan