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🔹Wonderful Arquitecture & unique workart!
Ne birbirimizin olabildik 
Ne de birbirimizden gidebildik 
Bir ask bilmecesinin cok bilinmeyenli denklemiydik
Benim geldigim her yolda sen dikenli tel
Deep Inside, There is a Kid. Out There is an Actor.
Short Story
I Met This Child in GIKI while we were there for Mime Competition. He came from nowhere and
Candy on a stick ? 😅😅 or a peacock shaped candy .. Traditional candy seller (gattay wala) holding the delicious chew rainbow candy (gatta ) .. Im not
نہیں ہے رخم کوئی بخیے کے درخُور مرے تن میں
ہُوا ہے تارِ اشکِ یاس، رشتہ چشمِ سوزن میں

24 de Abril Plantón nacional y toma de las vías de la ciudad de Barquisimeto en el parque el Cardenalito, agradecidos con la visita de Manuel Raad que mo
What else should I drink here? #bellini #homeofthebellini #cipriani
Cannot deal with the #wisteriahysteria 💜 Loving the spring here!