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When you meet one of the legends in the sport of bodybuilding felt like a fan girl when I met him thanks for being kool and knowledgeable man I learned a l
Quando deixar suas desculpas, encontrará seus resultados
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✅Find a second gym
✅Grocery shopping
✅Meal prep
✅Clean the apartment
Not exactly a Sunday funday but I feel like I was productive. Switching
“Im not trying to prove anything, Im doing me; Support me, motivate me, or get out of my way.” — Pinterest quote
Day 49: Completed 🙌💪
getting bigger💪
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Arms day, great pump! Lets see how big they can get!!! 💪😐 - exactly me! 
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Superset Sunday leg day!! Through tribulation with a torn meniscus in my knees, through patience and recovery Im excited to say my knees felt great and ea
having a workout partner can eliminate problems of progression, inconsistency & lack of motivation. The challenge is finding the right one! @ash_arms mad
Aquele treino de domingo que você respeita: deltóides, tríceps e bíceps!! 💪💪💪
Agora, partiu comer lasanha.... Ops... Franguinho, né! Rsrsrs
Finally back from tour and caught up with reality. With everything going on lately the gym is one of my favorite places to go even though it is usually pac
My Sunday morning included cardio ,arms , abs  add my snap to stay updated on my work out day @fridoramos #inspiration sundayfunday#cardio#arms💪#abs @di
Keep up the grind greatness is earned never rewarded!!! New video up on the channel go check it out and subscribe and drop that like baby!!!! #thegainscomp