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Iced Tea Just Got Very Gourmet & Classy! 😊

Infuse Yours With Herbs, Edible Flowers And Fruit For That Wow Factor. Dont Settle For Ordinary Tea When Yo
Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruzdan Ateş Edecek Misin? 🎵 Keyifli bir akşam ve çayınız bol olsun! ☕️ #Çay #ÇaysızOlmaz #Tea #TeaLover #TeaTime #Çay
Its Ice Tea Time!
Current mood = yoga and tea 
To the yoga purists I know this is not perfect.. Im working on it! Im a work in progress 😊

#yoga #stretch #breathe #stro
¡Qué no te engañen con el té de las 5! Tomar el té con el dedo estirado, ya no se estila. Agárrate bien a tu taza y disfrútalo sorbo a sorbo. #tealo
Its been a long while, #Tazo tea. 😊
And Im loving this customized Green Tea Cream suggested by ate Donna, my barista friend here. Def be getting more
TRINK MEER TEE ⚓️ #new #tea #tealover #måatleipzig #leipzig #thingsilove
Its Ice Tea time
TRINK MEER TEE ⚓️ #new #tea #tealover #måatleipzig #leipzig #thingsilove
Mothers Day is only 18 days away. 
No better gift for that pretty momma in your life. 
#asteriateacompany #mothersday #grasmerebc #handmadeinbc #tealover
Try our chai tea latte! Starting with freshly steeped stash chai spice tea blended with brown sugar, cinnamon, and other spices to enhance the flavor. Mixe
-Sherezada: Té verde, té negro y frutos salvajes es la dosis perfecta de tés para aportar energía⚡️ y antioxidantes 🍃. Te lo recomendamos frío
@miss_kew_garden #큐가든 에서 이벤트 당첨되어 받은 버라이어티 인 서울
패키지 너무 예뻐요! 블렌딩과 서울의 명소들
Sharing is caring, maybe its time to gift a friend some Roleaf tea! Head over to roleaf.com right now.
#roleaf #lifestyle #sharing
Organic Oolong Tea from Thailand. From the grassy lightly oxidized to the florally roasted, this is our tea, our tea from Northern Thailand, made of beauti
I like this little bear.  He often listens to bowie or Dylan on his little portable record player whilst drinking his tea too.
#handdrawntype #handdrawnlet
Porque amamos cada detalhe da mesa✨
If I could go back to January 2017 and tell the old me some key words of advice it would be: -dont be so hard on yourself! -If you miss one work out its
we make our tea temples roomy so that the leaves, flowers, and herbs inside can expand, bloom, and infuse each cup of tea to its fullest, tastiest flavor
OMG look what I just tasted today! These Teavana bottled iced teas are pretty amazing! The Passion Tango is still my favorite, but the peach is wonderful a
... esas tardes en 🏡 y ver cómo llueve y como vuelve a salir el sol, las echaba de menos, te preparo un té? #tea #teatime #instatea #TagFire #tealife