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May Tarot Challenge!! @divination.challenges 
Just please remember to #oceanwildatelier or @oceanwildatelier so I can see all the journeys first hand.

Today you have a choice: to let the current carry you along, or to harness its momentum, channeling it into the manifestation of your own intention. ✨
“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” — Aristotle | The Sun In The #Tarot | www.TarotByEmilie.com
I have been SO BUSY! Sorry for not posting more regularly! Lots of exciting changes on the horizon for my family, my business, and myself. Im ready to man
Its over and how you deal with it shows everyone who you really are. Remember there is dark and light in all of lifes lessons. Take some time to yourself
Just Because I Dont React, Doesnt Mean I Didnt Notice.
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Lua Nova em Touro super bem com Vênus, Netuno e Quíron em Peixes e Plutão retro em Capricórnio; o tarô Rider-Waite traz o 2 de Paus. Gozado que ontem
When the cards hit the nail on the head 💁 #tarot #tarotcards #tarotnovadeck #witchesofinstagram #tarotcommunity
April 26, 2017

Bringing what you want into physical form is going to require some patience and wise investing from you. All that we desire already exists
#tarot #tarododia #tarotonline #hangedman#arcanododia
Hoje por ser um dia de muita cobrança, saiba a hora certa de renunciar a posse da razão e seja feli
#tarot #tarotcards Somos viajeros en este mundo y vamos al encuentro de nosotros mismos.
Beautiful New Moon Mantra by Sagegoddess.com 🖤 I think I will do a reading for myself later, whats everyone up to this New Moon? ✨ #moonwitch #newmoo
Muita gente quer mudança, mas não quer mudar. Muita gente reclama que isso não está bom ou que aquilo não faz feliz. Mas tá ali, naquela situação.
Mareta, tarot reader @lightgivers. Bergabung sejak 2014. Cewek berlatar pendidikan psikologi yang sekarang bekerja sebagai profesional ini dikenal memiliki
Ive been taught that there is only one prescription for every single problem in my life and that is more spiritual growth and while that is incredibly s
Card of the Day ~

Mystical, intriguing - the Moon cards suggests you may be having difficulty understanding others at this time.  It needs the warning not
Muy buenos días y muy buenas vibras a todos, hoy me he despertado leyendo la edición de Abril de @revistavenezolana, y junto a mi café matutino observan
Prischila, tarot reader @lightgivers. Bergabung sejak 2016. Pengusaha muda ini banyak disukai klien dari segmen ABG karena gaya pengomunikasiannya yang pas
•new moon• there is much to be considered. praying the hardest part is over (not to be too dramatic). time to focus on creative ventures and rebuilding
#карта_дня для @tony_stark_ir 
Дьявол, Тони, Дьявол)))
Радуйся жизни, убей внутреннего пефекци
Just what I like to see on a New Moon in Taurus 😍💕🌿
[MESSAGE] 1,2 or 3... morgen draai ik ze om! #miraclesnow #oraclecards #answers #dewegnaarjezelf