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South Korea is a very mountainous country and therefore #Seoul is famous for hiking.  There are dozens of hikes that you can enjoy around the city, this is
Who thought drying laundry could be so pretty. Smelt fresh!
Next stop was the laundry district. Work starts unbelievably early and goes on into the evening. One man was catching some sleep while he could.
I love cricket and know its huge in India. Was so pleased to see these guys playing a game that I got Asharaf to pull over so I could snap them in actions
Incredible photo 😍
Photo by @nocturnalcoonz 
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1st stop on the tuktuk tour is the St. Francis Church, Kochi. Shoes off outside and its eerily quiet inside.
From here we get picked up by Asharaf, the tuktuk driver who gives us a tour of the town. A lovely, knowledgable man with a huge smile 😁
Critiquing of this art work will not be tolerated.
A fan of street art and Kochi is surely full of it.
3 billy goats having a rest. SO CUTE. They must be boiling.
Shell haven 🐚
Санторини — греческий остров вулканического происхождения расположен в южной част
Busy coastline! Sellers of all sorts, fruit, cold drinks, hand sewing machines...
Its so humid here, around 33 degrees and 70%+ humidity. Catching any breeze I can by the sea.
Colourful markets everywhere. I have an addiction to patterned trousers...
I LOVE GOATS 🐐. These guys were being fed coconuts by the locals in Kochi. Sooooooo cute.
Helping us through our Wednesday - Alma Crush of the Week is the Australian babe @stephclairesmith 🌴🤙
We all love someone who loves sunsets 🌇  Tag that person!
👉 Artist: @halzaim 👈
🌍 Location: Bled, Slovenia
Found this kitty during a meal in Kochi. So glad theres cats here, Im missing mine!
Heres one in action!
One of Barcelonas most beautiful hidden gems 😍
Grown to love these lil birds which I THINK are Little Egret or Chinnamunti??? They stick close to the water and are super elegant. I guess the equivalent
If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.Glenn Clark
The Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin, India. A must see!
More views of the Chinese fishing nets and fishing boats.