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He dont ever let me get no shine.. not even on my birthday! @iswerge 💥Brotherly Love💥 (Alexa Edition)
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Happy Gday to one of the most humble and dopest guys I know. From living in the Gats to swergin and sneaking in concerts to shutting down cities. 7-8 years
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Как и немцы, многие в Норвегии привыкли экономить и считать свои расходы, и ищут выго
Dont get caught slipping!!!! Make sure you follow the @partyandbullshitshow.  @jackthriller has a sense of humor thatll have you on the floor CRYING
I had to go sideways on these niggas with the flow tho @acbabyskurrt waddup tho #SheHungry #feedherdick🍆 #Swerge #RenaRena @renegadehiphop #ZooShit @the
#toomuchhustle #swerge
Happy birthday to my best friend my partner in crime and my girl friend! my love❤️Youre beautiful inside and out and you deserve to be as happy as you
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