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Starting a new program in the gym can be daunting, especially for a newcomer. It takes time to adjust to the new environment and convey confidence in what
Like really what the fuck is wrong with fucking people. What happened to helping others and motivating each other. These are the people I wish would leave
As the clock tics and tocs closer to that date,  it will be all for just a few minutes under the lights, the body grows tired faster as the diet gets deepe
So far our short film The 3rd Try will be screening in Australia, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Toronto!  So excited #filmfestivals .
MAY goal board one day early! Why not start fresh tomorrow morning?! Whether it be tea, infused tropical water, or Fuji - drink it up! Cheers! 💧🍍
@KuttingWeight Im getting smaller!! Its working. Thank you! Im gonna need a medium ASAP😊😊!! - Devon the Great 🥊 #teamkw ---------------------
Another month of prepping done! Last month was not stuck to a lot and this month we will try harder!!
Cant believe its May and school is getting out 😬
Who else feels 💯 when they have a clean home? Super cleaned my apartment and got rid of some clutter and Im feeling so good about this upcoming week no
Left or right? Let me know! The goal was to do better this time obviously!
This week is gonna be a Deload week. In order to make gains you have to put your ego to the side in order to ascend to a higher level!