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This is how we roll today  Drinking cups of tea, tiding the house, making flower crowns with @little.berty, boiling my guava jelly because it didnt set :
Everyday its some kind of adventure for these boys over here! I am so grateful that they have the opportunity to be free and truly childlike, which is not
Competition @claritinusa vs.  @zirtecallergy your vote ————————————————
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GMorning Thursday !
🏢👏🎊👏🎊👏🎊Congrats to our new BFF 👉 @craigsaintgeo
You really helped a lot with spreading the love on @BuildingStyles_GF!!🎉🎉
I seriously love experimenting when it comes to camera stuff!  This was taken with my new vintage Helios 44-2 lens through a convex lens to turn it into a
Im watching this cute sloth cross from one branch to another, while I prayed to God for him not fall, thankfully he didnt. ❤

#nature #sloth #animallov
People go but how they left always stays
(Just realized I made an error and previously uploaded a lower resolution version of this photo by mistake. I ty
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