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A very pureform of a view I got to capture this morning😍the little baby calf is drinking milk from his mother❤❤
#babycalf #cow #calfdrinkingmilk #ca
Repost from @machine_mad 🇦🇲🇦🇴🇦🇶🇦🇽🇧🇩🇧🇬🇧🇯🇬🇲🇬🇷🇮🇸🇯🇵🇰🇼🇱🇮🇲🇾🇳🇬🇴🇲
A well planned layout allows vendors to maximize the sales by utilizing every corner of the space optimally and also adds value to the shop by making it lo
🔥When Moody Mumbai meets #ReflectionGram x @reflectiongram
Team @moodyindia 
appreciate your work.
THE  MANNEQUIN......... I always see those super cool mannequin..... And i get jealous when i look them because they always where super cool stuff like sho
@dishaapratishthaan is the nicest little NGO based out of Thane. Lakshmi Bhat and Sadhana Desai (who just happen to be the very awesome mothers of @meghash
This photo is not shot at noida..!
Yeh Meri current location hai..
Gurgaon mein kal esa hi weather tha..
Hence shot this photo yes