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Now. Consistently clocking 1.30 Mins on the Plank. Next target. 2 Min. πŸ‘Š

Exercise + Yoga | Before my Morning Ride πŸ™Œ 🚲 πŸ’› γ€° #StravaCycling

Got a flat earlier heading into work. All fixed up and ready for tomorrow. #cervelo #cervelos5 #stravacycling #strava #stravaphoto #cycling #roadbike #road
Autumn has turned it on here in Brisbane!  Chilly but absolutely inspiring sunrises πŸŒ…! #wymtm #stravacycling
2017.04.27 Morning training.
Single speed on the Elite!
ε―ζƒœι½’ζ―”ε€ͺθΌ•ι˜»εŠ›δΈε€ οΌŒεͺθƒ½ζ²Ήη™’ι¨Ž
Had to make sure @shaveshislegs_nothisface really does shaves his legs. πŸ‘Œ  #sockdoping 
Its been wet and gloomy the last couple of days but I love how quickly everything turned so green #whileoutriding
Giro tranquilo com a rapaziada
Tempo total:4:38:31 - Tempo em movimento: 2:54:37
63,8km - 22km/h
Bless up
Greens are healthy they said. πŸŒ²πŸŒ±πŸ˜…
We can’t disagree. ☺️What’s your way to get some energy back into the system after a long da
One cold day in November, @grant767 and I ventured out into the mountains between storms. We left Twain Harte on the heels of a morning storm, chasing it u
@goldensaddlecyclery goes camping to deer flat in Crystal Lake.

This isnt the shot I wanted but I was a little late (or slow) when I realized that there
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Conhecem? Hahahaha
Foto de uma das minhas primeiras pedaladas. Nessa Γ©poca nΓ£o fazia ideia de que a bike muda
It was fun riding with @goldensaddlecyclery as they went up to Crystal Lake to camp.

This dude on the right, Andrew (anybody know his Instagram?) is carry
The sun is starting to rise early! Our [almost] daily ride is no longer in full darkness.
What Ive been enjoying most about my bike rides is the scenery. Its so easy to get distracted with work, responsibilities, and just life in general. Its