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If its leg day and you dont get up under that squat rack 😒 no respect  #squat #squat #squat #andsquatmore
Congratulations to Domenico, Emilio, and Matt for their second place finish at The Freakin CrossFit Throwdown. Way to represent!

#CrossfitBodyAndSoul #Bo
Guys, help! Second time trying sumo, please, give all your tips and recommendations so I can fix this shit form in here. Did manage to get 365 for a single
First time to do back squats in a while. I suck. Both sets were supposed to be for 3... 2x305, 1x295 #squat #squats #backsquat #crossfit #hviiiwod #trainin
💥💥💥LEGDAY💥💥💥 _________________________________
🇫🇷Ca va vous paraître incroyable mais pourtant cest bien vrai ! Ce soir, cétait
215kg no belt, straps or chalk & after squatting heavy two days in a row. Think I need to get my hips slightly lower after watching this back

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Today was a pretty heavy leg day with 4-5 set range and 5-15 rep ranges
Some people psych themselves out. I just say lets get lit 😂😂Thank you @jimbo_rizzo2 for the spot and not blocking the camera! 425 high bar after 9 s
I have been improving my form, and trying to perform as many high quality reps as I can. What are are you guys training today?
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Wooping @henrychia13 sorry ass.
Aaaaand 495@9 with a slow af lockout since Ive been letting the bar get out in front of me #doot
Got hops even with a bum knee!👊🏼
Decided to compete max powers (at least above pain threshold!) on Saturday!🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼
60% fel
My favorite way to cut weight is to eat protein on protein and workout hard. Protein starts this week and workouts start next week. #primal
Finally joined the 400lb club haha homeboy @azellner69 put it on his unborn child he didnt touch the bar so Ill trust him 😂 so heres 400lbX1 and 3X2
Invitacion desde Colombia por nuestro MASTER COACH #FABIANHIGUITA para este lanzamiento #DRILLPROGRAM 20 de mayo estadio Green Croos Antofagasta
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