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Overlooking that snow in March, and todays glut of grayness, NYC is very serious about having proper seasons. Spring is glorious, because you get to look
I would have taken this guy home in a heartbeat... but than I would be stealing a dog and become the owner of a small bear... #Tempting #PetAllTheDogs #nyc
Science Not Silence... Go Frack Yourself... Thank You Scientist - March for Science NYC 2017
Some of the signage from todays March for Science NYC
You cant go wrong with Thai lunch specials 😍.
Shakespeares funeral.
Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross and Phoebe lived above this cute little place.
Its pouring rain, everyone is soaked, but there are children dressed in lab coats carrying signs that say Science Matters and Well Continue To Researc
Happy Earth Day!! Theres only one 🌏 let make sure were showing it the respect and appreciation it deserves, not to mention how breathtakingly beautifu