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Out of sight....out of mind....not part of my personality makeup. How about you?  If it was real and important...always on my mind even if out of sight....
This is my poem The Journey written in a form called The Golden Shovel. You take a line from another poem of your choice, and every word in that line bec
I read well past the deep
of midnight black, straight
through till morning wakes.
A Good Book βœ’ Day 26 combo: #read / #aprilcbfchal
It was dark outside; what choice did I have but to become a firefly? . . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Take your chances
a poem // its been hard as of lately to write. to get my words to dance with your hearts as gracefully as before. but i wont stop anyway. writing has bee
Love this πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• thankyou @myhappyplace222 Xx
Just a little reminder for myself 😊 .
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Sometimes she wishes she could unbreak a heart. There are so many hearts she has met that have been so, so broken. They
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