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I think I have reached end of the road and it is time to move on.. #forhigherpurpose #movingon #soulsearching #blessingsindisguise
This was my #earthday -- a drive in the backcountry to the yurt! Not a soul in sight. Fell asleep to the sound of the rushing water of the river below & wo
Pinto Art Museum 

#soulsearching #traveldiary #project #photography 
Photo taken with Nikond3100 dsl
Get lost and get right with my soul. Makes me wanna take a backroad. #backroads #soulsearching #outforarip
Make No Sound In 
The Digital Forest.
The transition from this song to the next has to be the highlight & one of the many unique factors of this a
As a fan of the original #Japanese #anime Ghost In The Shell, I just dont see how they can make an equivalent live action film.. but I have to admit the l
New Crystals to add to my collection😍😍 The little lotus charm is a prayer chant, on the back it says I accept all my feelings as part of myself. Wo
Just like our eyes, out hearts adjust to the dark.❤ #blackandwhite #selfie #lostmyself #soulsearching #loveyourself #letthingshappen
today you are you, that is truer than true 👌🏻 there is no one out there who is youer than you 💕 finally learning to accept myself for who I am, th
Mood: quiet empty late night bus rides through snow-covered mountains, listening to acoustic guitar Beatles covers. Im grateful for the love, financial su
Stay in your own lane and mind your business. Stop worrying about others. // Beginnings Tees available online!

#humblyrooted #journ
On a road to a healthier lifestyle... will definitely take it one day at a time. Ill try to document my journey here. #mealprepsunday #mealprep #weightlos
So much 🔥🔥in this batch of soul jars from @pirattglass that grape color is too 👌 thanks for watching! DM us for any pricing 🙏 have a great nigh
Knowing and understanding yourself is vital to becoming the best version of yourself👑... love hard and live harder. Be IN the MOMENT🌈 and embrace wha